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Rev. Dr. Reginald D. Price serves as our Pastor.  He was raised in Copiague, Long Island, New York.  He accepted Christ and was baptized at the age of 13 at Zion Gospel Church, an active member of Soul Saving Station For Every Nation, Christ Crusaders of America, Inc..  As a youth, he participated in the choirs, ushers, and was the church drummer.  His father, Bishop Willard Price III, currently serves as Senior Pastor at Zion Gospel Church.


At the age of 21, Pastor Price went off to serve his country in the U.S. Air Force.  His career began as a munitions specialist, but he eventually changes jobs to a chaplain assistant.  The roles of a chaplain assistant include: preparing for all religious services, advising military personnel on their Constitutional right of free exercise of religion, administrative duties, and executive protection for the military clergy on the battlefield.  Prior to retirement at the rank of Master Sergeant, Pastor Price served in locations as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Afghanistan, as well as various locations within the United States.  Of all of his many military decorations, Pastor Price is proudest of the distinct honor of being recommended and selected as the 2006 Chaplain Assistant of the Year in the Air National Guard, acknowledging him as one of the elite religious professionals in our nation's Air Force. An advocate for veterans and seniors, he makes time to assist them and their families, and is a member of Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Pastor Price also served as a board member and former chair of the Luna County Commission on Aging, the agency that oversees the Senior Center in Deming.   Pastor Price holds an A.A. in Social Services and a B.S. in Liberal Arts, a Master's Degree in Liberal Arts (History and Political Science with Graduate Certificates) and a Theology Doctoral Degree (ThD).  Additionaly, Rev. Dr. Price is pursuing another doctoral degrees from the University of Sedona (PhD, 2024)   He is an entrepreneur and proprietor of Dignity And Pride Charter and Limo LLC, a transportation company in Deming.  Rev. Dr. Price is an accomplished public speaker and is available for keynote, motivational, preaching and other speaking opportunities.


During his military tenure, Pastor Price was called to preach, licensed a minister, ordained, and pastored as a member of the Church of God In Christ.  He served the church in multiple positions under the leadership of His mentor Bishop Dr. Archie Buchannan in Japan as well as Bishop L.C. Young in Boston, MA (one of the last Bishops consecrated and installed by Bishop C.H. Mason), Bishop Glenwood H. Young in Buffalo, N.Y., and Bishop W.C. Green in New Mexico.  Other advisers and mentors through out his diverse spiritual career includes Air Force Chaplains Father Jim Honan, Father James Jeager and Rev. Dr. Rafael Marquez, Army Chaplain Scott Brill, 2003 Air National Guard Chaplain Assistant of the Year Kevin Curtin, Air Force veteran Minister J.T. Shortt, Air Force veteran Rev. Ernest E. Felder, his godfather Pastor Emeritus Dr. Roy Kirton of Circle of Love Church and most importantly his parents, Bishop Willard and Dr. Clementine Price of Zion Gospel Church.


Rev. Dr. Price accepted the call to Antioch MBC in December 2011. At that time, Antioch had been closed for a while.  After much needed repairs to the edifice, Antioch opened for worship on January 29, 2012.  God is continuing to add to His church. 




Our church began as a church historically set aside for Blacks in the community during the 1940's, "across the tracks".  This was during an unfortunate time in American history when individuals could not worship God together because of differences in skin pigmentation.


Antioch enjoys it's rich Black American culture, showcased in our songs, worship, music and preaching.  However, we are a congregation that embraces all of God's children.  Sometimes still referred to as the church "over there" or "across the tracks" or referenced as "a black church", we are continuing to share God's good news and welcome all who choose to fellowship with us, regardless if it's one time, temporary or permanent.  We want you to feel welcomed, wanted and loved at Antioch.


Stop by on Sunday mornings at 10:30 and share in our worship experience.  Come by and see what God is doing for us!  Our motto is based on the Words of Christ recorded in the gospel of St. Mark 16:16"...Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved..."



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